Artist's Statement

I paint because of the energy I get from expressing my view of the world, with color and shapes and textures.  My desire and love of wide open spaces, fresh air and big skies leads me to paint landscapes.  I want everyone that views my paintings to feel like they can stretch out, take a deep breath and clear their minds.  My paintings are therapeutic for today’s hectic world.

I use acrylic or oil paint on a colored (usually pale orange) thick canvas.  I strive to depict the "essence" of a particular place; the temperature, the smells, the lighting. I want the viewer to feel all those things.  I am striving to “loosen up” after many years of working very realistically in the commercial art field.  I use long handled brushes and lots of water or solvent which also helps to stay loose.  My paintings have a surreal and impressionistic inspiration. 

Moving from the city to a rural setting twelve years ago has been very therapeutic in many ways.  I hope to pass on this kind of healing atmosphere to my viewers.  I want to offer a place to “rest your mind”.  Another relocation this time to the Blue Ridge Mountains allows me even more inspiration for landscape painting.  I plan to work outside more in the future in order to be more connected to may subject matter.  My recent return to painting has brought back all the childhood excitement of my past; I hope to convey this through my paintings.

After receiving a BFA degree in painting from UNC Charlotte, I worked in illustration and design for 25 years.  Since returning to painting, I have shown my work around Charlotte and Asheville.  Check out my "Shows" page.  I am now located in the Asheville area getting familiar with a new landscape.  For more of my story you can read an online article from the Laurel of Asheville .  Thanks for checking out my website!

Contact information

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or would like to purchase a painting you can reach me at: